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The communication needs of large companies are increasingly complex.

The tools to communicate are no longer linked to a workplace. Employees must be able to collaborate with each other and communicate with those outside the company at any time and place, increasing their productivity. 

The market requires a pace never seen before. Communication, expansion speed, speed of problem solving.

And IT departments are faced with the difficult challenge of supporting the transition to this new organizational model by selecting the most suitable technologies. 

But the same technologies, constantly expanding and increasingly fragmented, are not always able to respond to this need for flexibility.

In order to ensure up-to-date platforms, many vendors require continuous investment, offloading risks and responsibility for technology decisions onto IT managers. 

In this scenario, the meeting point between two fundamental components for the needs of a large company was missing: 

a communication technology that is easy to manage, and technical support adapted to evolving needs. 

This is why Wildix and Cristiano Bellumat joined forces to create Everex, the Communication Platform as a Service dedicated exclusively to the large enterprise segment.


Everex - the Communication Platform as a Service dedicated exclusively to the large enterprise segment

Everex is the new brand of the Wildix company specialized in the large enterprise segment. 

It combines a completely cloud-based communication technology with specific technical support services for IT departments to offer the fastest Communication Platform installation on the market.

Cristiano Bellumat


With a 30-year experience in the telecomms industry, Cristiano Bellumat is the CEO and founder of Everex. In 2007, he became Wildix's Sales Director: his strategy has determined the exponential growth of the company, which today has become an established multinational company in both Europe and the United States.

Cristiano Bellumat, CEO di Everex

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