Activate up to 5000 users in less than 60 minutes

Discover how Everex accelerates the communication of the future thanks to a platform designed to slash deployment times.

Work from everywhere. All it takes is an Internet connection.

Desktop, tablet, smartphone: digital workplace communication is completely Web-Based

Thanks to the WebRTC technology, the Everex Communication Platform is entirely Web-Based. Using the browser-based solution and mobile applications, the employees will be able to communicate inside and outside the company on any device with Internet access, anywhere in the world. And you won't need to install software.

Easy to use. Easy to manage.

Here is the user-friendly interface that reduces the impact on the IT department

To increase productivity, a Communication Platform must be easy. If it's easy for employees to use, it will be easy for the IT department to manage and maintain. Everex provides your company with a truly user-friendly interface that is also suitable for those unfamiliar with technology. People will be able to use all the new features as they use their smartphones: the impact on the IT department will be virtually zero.

Designed to be your Communication Platform.

Multiply the software's and business applications' features with Web API integrations


Everex technology gives you the flexibility of a communication platform customizable to all your needs. With the Web API, you'll be able to integrate calls, chats, and video conferences into Salesforce, Google Suite, Microsoft Teams, SAP, and third-party web applications. Create cutting-edge functionalities and access more relevant data to your business without developing complex infrastructure.

Vendor integration

Direct support 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Now you can have a direct relationship with the vendor

Your business communication cannot take a break, nor can it be entrusted to random technicians. That's why Everex guarantees you technical support directly from the vendor 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. You'll be able to submit your requests at any time, and an expert will take care of your case within minutes.

Security first.

A Communication Platform is only protected if it's secure-by-design

Communication on hundreds of different devices also means increased exposure to malware. Your Communication Platform should provide an environment where security is integrated, not delegated to third-part technologies. Everex offers you a Communication Platform that is secure-by-design. Voice and data will always be protected by native encryption systems: you will never have to manage external VPNs and SBC infrastructures.

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