The all-in-one communication platform completely Cloud-based

Everex offers you the benefits of the Wildix Cloud technology, the first fully browser-based enterprise communications solution.

With phone calls, video conferencing, chat, and WebAPI integrations, you'll have a complete platform designed to make your company's communication easier.

Harness the Cloud's speed and flexibility

The Wildix Cloud technology adapts to your business needs with the speed and flexibility that only the cloud can provide. 

Access to the platform from any device connected to the Internet, immediate scalability from 0 to 5,000 users, no service interruptions: now the impact on the IT department is virtually zero.


Communicating is as easy and fast as surfing the Internet

The choice of a new communication technology proves successful when everyone in the company is able to use it from the first minute.

The Wildix Cloud solution was the first in the world to adopt WebRTC. And thanks to Google's protocol, we were able to develop a fully browser-based business communication experience.

This translates into reduced learning time - everyone knows how to navigate the Web. For the IT department, it eliminates the need to manage and install external applications.

Mobile applications ready to use in less than 3 minutes

The Wildix technology provides you with ready-to-use mobile applications so the employees can work also with their personal devices.

The Wildix application provides all the functionality of the browser-based solution. The employees will be able to download it from Google Play or the App Store just like any other app, and they will be able to start using it within 3 minutes.

In addition to that, your IT department won't need to install third-party security environments or technologies that slow down your network and smartphone usage.

The total security of a Secure-By-Design technology

Wildix Cloud technology gives you the security of a secure by design, natively secure platform. Thanks to the integrated SBC technology and the 2-factor authentication, you won't need to adopt firewalls, VPNs, or external devices to prevent tall fraud.

You can rest easy knowing that your communications platform is designed to block malware and sophisticated attacks.

Web API integrations

The Wildix Cloud technology enables you the ability to customize your communication platform through Web API integrations. You'll be able to multiply the potential of work tools such as Google Suite, Microsoft Teams, and Salesforce, adding data and functionality in a simple and immediate way. Turn your CRM into a universal communication tool, and optimize the customer experience with detailed reports.

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